Small Business Bookkeeping

Are you ready to know where your money is going, make better financial decisions, and know where your money is going at tax time?
My bookkeeping services include account setups, a strategy session, email support, and more. Grab a limited time spot now!


What you'll get


- Quickbooks Subscription
- Chart-of-Accounts 
- App Integration


- Monthly P&L Statement
- Bank Reconciliation
- Strategy Session


- Voxer access
- Unlimited email support
- Reminders about upcoming tax deadlines

Bookkeeping services start at $300/mo and depend on your specific business needs. Fill out an application & let's chat to see what will work best for you!

Let me ask you a few questions..

Are your business expenses separated from your personal expenses?

Have you been tracking your business mileage?

Do you know which expenses you can deduct on your tax return?

Are you prepared to pay your estimated quarterly taxes?

Did you know, you could be selling products/services, but still be losing money?

Are you panicking because this all sounds a bit (or a lot) overwhelming?

FEAR NOT - I'm here to help.

My bookkeeping services will address ALL of these concerns so you can save time, destress, & focus on your clients.

P.S. All of my services are tax deductible! Purchasing my bookkeeping services will LOWER your tax liability.


Not sure where to begin when it comes to the numbers side of your business?

Download my guide, Top Steps to Stay Ahead at Tax Time, to figure out which steps you need to take NOW to set up your business for tax day.


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