4 Huge Quickbooks Myths Debunked

Apr 26, 2020
As a bookkeeper, I’m a huge supporter of using software to manage business finances.  Currently, I am using Quickbooks Online for both my business and my clients.  After talking to many business owners, I’ve heard ALOT of reasons for their hesitance to start using Quickbooks.  But the reality is, most of their reasons to not use Quickbooks are just MYTHS! So let’s debunk some of these myths!


Myth 1 - "Quickbooks is only for big companies."


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Ditch the Spreadsheet: 4 Reasons to Switch to QuickBooks Online

Apr 19, 2020
As a business owner, tracking your finances is a crucial part of running a successful business.  When you first start your business, keeping your numbers organized can be as simple as using a Google Spreadsheet.  But, as your business continues to grow you’re going to need a financial system that grows with you. As you start to scale and your systems become more complex, the spreadsheet method will start to work against you.  But how do we know when to make that switch?
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How to Establish Reachable Revenue Goals

Apr 12, 2020
Simply put, there are only two ways to increase profit in your business. You either cut costs or increase revenue.  Last week we took a deep dive into cutting costs in your business in order to increase profit. Today we’re going to expand on that and talk about how to establish reachable revenue goals.  

Revenue is ALL of the sales and income your business brings in and it is
so important to have a plan on how your business will generate that revenue.  By...

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Cutting Costs in Your Business to Maximize Profit

Apr 06, 2020
Regardless of whether your business is flourishing or failing, it’s important to understand how your business is spending money. Failing to take control of expenses is one of the top reasons that 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years of starting.  Even if you have excess cash flowing into your business, by reviewing your expenses periodically you can DECREASE your expenses and ultimately INCREASE PROFIT! So how do we do it? Check out these 4 simple steps to cutting costs...
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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Federal Stimulus Package

Mar 31, 2020


You might have seen on the news that the government has recently passed the Federal Stimulus Package.  With all of the moving parts of the package, it might be hard for you to keep up with how exactly this affects you and your business. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Federal Stimulus Package as a business owner:


2019 Taxes:

If you haven’t filed and paid your 2019 Tax Return yet, please note that the new Federal deadline for both filing and paying...

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Opening Your Business Bank Accounts

Jan 13, 2020
So you’re finally taking the first step to separate your business and personal finances by opening a business bank account. I’m SOOOO proud of you. But now that you’re ready to open your business account, you might be wondering just how many accounts do you need.
As a tax professional, financial advisor, and small-business bookkeeper, I personally advocate for 5 separate accounts - 2 checkings and 2 savings. This includes an account for your -
(1) Routine...
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Choosing a Business Structure

Jan 13, 2020
Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to start your business! You’re probably feeling a mix of emotions - excited, nervous, happy, scared. Taking the first step to START is a big decision, and should be celebrated.
Now that you’ve joined the Savvy Business Owner club, your next challenge is to start making some BIG decisions. One of the first decisions you need to make is, which business structure is right for you?
You might have heard of sole...
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Quarterly Tax Payments

Jan 13, 2020
So you’ve survived tax season. But now you’ve found out that you might be required to make estimated tax payments FOUR TIMES A YEAR! Ain’t that an unexpected surprise. Before you start freaking out and thinking that the IRS wants to steal all of your business income, let’s take a step back.
Together we’re going to break this down and determine if you are required to make these payments, how to estimate your liability, what the deadlines are,...
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Hi, I'm Arielle..

Jan 13, 2020
I'm a tax consultant and a fitness fiend.
In high school, I took an accounting & personal finance class and it made me fall IN LOVE WITH NUMBERS. They came naturally to me. They just always made sense. In the midst of this, I started to realize that not many people understood the "language of numbers."
It was then that I had MY FIRST epiphany. I wanted to teach financial literacy.
I wanted to help people understand how numbers can affect and change their...
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